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Confer&Inform ...collaborate online with colleagues for free

Powerful online collaboration tools help you communicate more effectively...
to organize and share information more efficiently...
with invited colleagues from anywhere in the world.

Do you work with a remote colleague or client?

In minutes you can setup Confer & Inform and benefit from their knowledge...

  • Communicate online
     - Easily
     - Quickly
     - Affordably
     - Privately
  • Popular Confer Services
     - Free Long Distance
     - Chat
     - Web Meeting
     - Web Seminar
     - Remote Control
Confer&Inform Meeting
  • Web Meeting
    • Practical for quick one-on-one show-and-tell
    • Capable for up to 25 interactive attendees
    • Quickly exchange presentation control
    • Compatible with PC or Mac
  • Web Seminar
    • Capacity for over 200 in non-interactive mode
    • 100% attendance including mobile applications
    • Quick, easy, secure and reliable
    • No download necessary
  • Remote Access to My Computer
    • Access your office/home computer from your laptop
  • Remote Support
    • Provide remote computer support for a client
    • Control a PC or Mac

Try Confer & Inform Meeting...

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