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About AbiTeq

AbiTeq LLC was founded in 2002 as an internet marketing firm developing web strategies for biotech and electronic manufacturers. With our main office located in Honolulu on O'ahu in the great state of Hawai'i, we work with a diverse team of experts located in a variety of locations.

In 2006, AbiTeq pioneered "personal collaboration", a one-on-one resource sharing and collaboration method to enable greater flexibility and efficiencies when working with remote colleagues. The concept originally grew from our internal needs to communicate more quickly, easily and inexpensively, and to effectively share information in a variety of formats.

The team at AbiTeq implemented these methods by developing Confer & Inform©, an exciting new collaboration web service, actually offering a variety of individual communication and information management services in one convenient package accessible from any web browser.

After AbiTeq's founder saw scientists presenting paper posters of their research on easels at meetings as a traditional method to share and critique their findings, he set out to provide an online place to share scientific posters and much more. A goal of AbiTeq's Confer & Inform is to encourage, and help facilitate, sharing of information among scientists, especially in developing countries without established collaboration networks.

AbiTeq introduces Confer & Inform© for a variety of professional communities. We will continue to add new and exciting communication and information sharing resources to encourage professionals and scientists to share information anywhere they may be located in the world.

AbiTeq's Management Team

George Allen
Founder and CEO

Mr. Allen has led AbiTeq LLC operations since founding the company in 2002. With a BS in Marketing from Oregon State University, George has many years of successful experience in management, sales, IT and marketing for technical manufacturers. George was a partner in a successful multi-million dollar electronic automation component rep startup in Seattle, and provided key management roles for a fast moving biotech company in California and a web hosting leader in Hawaii for example. As an internet marketing consultant, Mr. Allen successfully directed web strategy for a variety of startup and mature technical companies through most of the internet age.

Mr. Allen's many year's of successfully integrating databases into web applications led to the development of the "personal collaboration" collaboration method and to the new Confer & Inform© collaboration web services.

Nilesh Patkar
Senior Project Leader

Mr. Patkar brings large project experience with significant web 2.0 development involving a variety of dynamic programming and online innovations. Nilesh brings to AbiTeq expert security, methodology and quality training.

Jayesh Kamdar
Programming Manager

Mr. Kamdar manages AbiTeq's exceptional programming team. Jayesh has managed groups providing web development services, and built many successful programming projects for companies around the world.

Ravi Kumar
Confer & Inform Project Leader

Mr. Kumar provides project management and strategic development services for AbiTeq, contributing his exceptional design and management skills to guide the programming team and the development of the Confer & Inform© family.

Guru P Chaturvedi
Team Leader

Mr. Chaturvedi's strong background in programming guides the code development team for the Confer & Inform© family of web services. Guru contributes design input as our resident web community expert.

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