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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is AbiTeq?
  2. What is Confer & Inform?
  3. Why use Confer & Inform?
  4. Who uses Confer & Inform?
  5. How does Confer & Inform work?
  6. When will Confer & Inform be available?
  7. What does Confer & Inform cost?
  8. Is Confer & Inform private?
  9. Is Confer & Inform secure?
  10. Is Confer & Inform free from spam?
  11. Does Confer & Inform use advertising?
  12. Can an organization use Confer & Inform?
  13. How do I sign up for Confer & Inform?

AbiTeq Confer & Inform

  1. Who is AbiTeq?
  2. AbiTeq is the outstanding team of people that contribute daily to fulfilling our goal to make one-on-one internet collaboration easy, affordable and beneficial. The AbiTeq team has great expertise in the design and implementation of internet database, communications and information management systems.

    After many years of strategic internet consulting and project development, we designed an exciting new collaborative web service called Confer & Inform.

    AbiTeq LLC corporate office is located in Oregon, USA.

  3. What is Confer & Inform?
  4. Confer & Inform is a new online collaboration web service intended primarily for professionals and technicians to better communicate and share information with individual colleagues anywhere in the world.

    Its unique and natural "adaptive collaboration" style makes it attractive for anyone working with others outside their office.

  5. Why use Confer & Inform?
  6. Better communications...

    Today's professional processes more information with more colleagues in more roles and in more places than ever before.

    Confer & Inform helps them communicate better by offering quick and easy access to powerful, free tools to more effectively share information with an invited colleague.

    Members benefit by improving colleague relationships and increasing the results they accomplish together.

  7. Who uses Confer & Inform?
  8. Confer & Inform was originally developed for scientists and technicians collaborating with remote colleagues doing similar research. They benefited from better one-on-one connection tools to more effectively communicate and share information.

    Researchers often needed to work with colleagues in remote regions of the world having little or no budgets. CI provides them with free tools available anywhere.

    We found the same advantages were helpful for anyone communicating beyond face-to-face discussions. The internet has enabled many useful, yet simple, techniques for communicating and sharing inexpensively, saving money and time.

    We will soon offer Confer & Inform to everyone wanting easy, effective and inexpensive collaboration with colleagues.

    And some use Confer & Inform to conveniently access their own information from any computer.

  9. How does Confer & Inform work?
    • Confer & Inform offers communication services (Confer) and information services (Inform)
      • Communication services that typically provide more immediate access with your colleague(s) including chat, message, phone, conference, meeting, etc.
      • Information services that help you communicate, but also let you provide and access written information more effectively including documents, files, forums, blogs, events, etc in folder libraries.
    • Confer & Inform uses three quick steps to setup most information services:
      1. Create a service around a subject (document, file, forum, etc)
      2. Invite a colleague
      3. Assign access permission for that colleague
    • In minutes, you can be sharing information on the web with colleagues.

  10. When will Confer & Inform be available?
  11. We plan to launch the beta release Summer of 2008.

  12. What does Confer & Inform cost?
  13. Confer & Inform is designed to be effective at no charge.

    One of our goals is to encourage research and other global projects benefiting from international collaboration. A free service makes that goal easier to accomplish.

    (We also recognized colleagues would respond to more invites by making the signup free, quick and easy)

    Our revenue is generated without any advertising.

    We offer powerful, fee-based services and features providing even greater benefits. We promise no hidden or delayed charges. Additional storage for files, conducting web meetings and any other premium services and features will be priced reflecting their cost to produce. We expect those expenses to continue to diminish.

  14. Is Confer & Inform private?
  15. Confer & Inform is designed for privacy.

    No one sees your information or communications unless you invite them. Even then, a colleague only sees those items you invited them to see, and will only have the access level you permitted.

    Confer & Inform will nurture additional community benefits for members as our numbers grow, but neither you, or your information, will be exposed to that community without your election.

    Be aware that AbiTeq will not tolerate criminal activities on our Confer & Inform service. We do reserve the right to access and record member information as part of an authorized investigation with a warrent. If you are not comfortable with our position, then please do not use our service.

  16. Is Confer & Inform secure?
  17. Confer & Inform communications are safe.

    Confer & Inform utilizes the latest secure software and hardware systems to prevent unauthorized access to member information. We will continue to implement additional and improved safeguards as they are developed.

    But nothing is ever 100% safe (and do not believe those that say otherwise), so please do not carelessly expose critical information.

  18. Is Confer & Inform free from spam?
  19. All Confer & Inform communications are spam free.

    While we expect you will continue using your normal email service, Confer & Inform offers internal messaging for important colleague mail without the nuisance of spam.

  20. Does Confer & Inform use advertising?
  21. All Confer & Inform communications are advertising free.

  22. Can an organization use Confer & Inform?
  23. You can register for Confer & Inform as an individual or as an organization. Organizations gain features that ease membership registration and provide easier membership communications with the organization and between organization members.

  24. How do I sign up for Confer & Inform?
  25. Register for free at ConferInform.com. (Coming soon)


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