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AbiTeq Products:

Confer & Inform

Online Communication and Information Sharing

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Confer & Inform provides a free place to quickly and easily connect over the internet with any colleague... helping you build more productive relationships.

Confer & Inform is a powerful set of online tools to help you communicate more effectively
       ...to help you organize and share information more efficiently
       ...with invited colleagues at any time any where on earth.


Do you work with a remote colleague or client?
In minutes you can setup Confer & Inform and be improving relationships... for free.


Confer & Inform brings remote colleagues closer together to share knowledge more effectively, quickly, easily and at less expense than ever before

  • Private - Communicate only with invited colleagues - no spam.
  • Flexible - Invite a colleague to one service, but not the next
  • Powerful - Allow one colleague to read a document, and another to edit it, using separate access permissions.
  • Easy - Keep internet browser open to C&I and be ready to call, upload a document, comment in a forum, or show an application
  • Quick - Register and setup in minutes, use in seconds
  • No Obligation - Register quickly with name and email - its free
  • Unlimited Colleagues and Services - Pay for additional file storage as needed
  • Earn Income - Easily setup charges for colleague access to your resources
  • Organized - Convenient and accessible file and document storage

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Confer & Inform Meeting

  - Web Conference Service

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Confer & Inform's Web Conference package integrates the popular TurboMeeting program to maximize quality, security, and trouble-free operation making online meetings simple and quick to use.

  • Share views of individual applications or your entire desktop
    • With up to 25 interactive participants
    • And nearly one hundred non-interactive viewers*
  • Alternate presentation roles among interactive participants with a click
  • Authorized participants can control a remote computer
  • Access your computer remotely

Tested with these operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, Mobile), Mac (Intel & PPC), Linux, Unix, IPhone and nearly any firewall.


"At last, you can justify a spontaneous online meeting with only one colleague as an affordable and convenient option."

Casual online meetings are here...

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