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Confer & Inform Meeting

  - Web Conference Service

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Confer & Inform's Web Conference package integrates the popular TurboMeeting program to maximize quality, security, and trouble-free operation making online meetings simple and quick to use.

  • Share views of individual applications or your entire desktop
    • With up to 25 interactive participants
    • And nearly one hundred non-interactive viewers*
  • Alternate presentation roles among interactive participants with a click
  • Authorized participants can control a remote computer
  • Access your computer remotely

Tested with these operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, Mobile), Mac (Intel & PPC), Linux, Unix, IPhone and nearly any firewall.


"At last, you can justify a spontaneous online meeting with only one colleague as an affordable and convenient option."

Casual online meetings are here...

Confer & Inform Meeting uses the popular TurboMeeting engine to provide you with three web collaboration applications in one package:

  • Web Meeting - Up to 25 attendees with PC or Mac can interact in the meeting. Each can be Presenter (show their screen) and/or Controller (control the Presenter’s computer)
  • Web Seminar - Many more participants* can be added in non-interactive mode. It is quick and reliable with 100% attendance including mobile applications. No download necessary
  • Remote Computer Access - Enables you to operate a remote computer. You can access your office/home computer from your traveling laptop, or provide software support for a client.

* Nearly one hundred participants depending on the bandwidth environment.

Free Audio Conferencing Service

Confer & Inform Meeting combines web conferencing with free audio conferencing to give you a complete meeting solution. You only pay for a long distance charge if applicable to your phone coverage.

Or use Confer & Inform's VOIP Phone service from Skype to avoid long distance charges by using your computer to call other C&I or Skype users.

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